2nd QUARTER 2018: Passenger Train Journal celebrates 50 years since its founding in 1968.The Green Bay-Chicago Flambeau 400 has been reduced to just two coaches in this December 1968 scene, and is just one of many long-distance trains that would soon disappear from the map. PTJ founder Kevin McKinney explores what the passenger rail scene looked like in the years leading up to Amtrak. We take a ride aboard Mexico’s last passenger train, and take a visit to new tourist rail operations in Missouri and Pennsylvania. All this and more in the 2018-02 issue of Passenger Train Journal! 

Current Issue

Vol. 42, No. 2 (2018-2), Issue No. 275


State Complaints Pour in About Amtrak

by Don Phillips — This column will build on the questions I would have asked Amtrak President Richard Anderson about the mistakes and missteps of his first couple of months in charge if he would agree to talk to any reporters…

Amtrak: Pinching Pennies Again and Again

by Karl Zimmermann — Relentlessly cutting costs to achieve profitability, Amtrak instead chases away passengers as amenities disappear.

Budd Rail Diesel Cars Return to Eastern Pennsylvania

by Alex Mayes — The Blue Mountain, Reading & Northern reactivates its RDCs for a series of excursions over former Reading, Jersey Central, and Lehigh Valley lines.

Ronald Reagan and the Union Pacific Fleet

by Joseph M. Welsh — Surprise! The 40th president of the United States once was an avid fan of rail travel.

The Trains of 1968

by Kevin Mckinney — A sampler of the wide variety of varnish one could ride (and photograph) in the U.S. during the year that Passenger Train Journal was born.

El Chepe

by Bob Schmidt — The last intercity passenger train in Mexico.

The Branson Scenic Railway

by Bob Plough — Buried in the Ozarks along the White River is a jewel of a tourist railway operation.


On The Point/Editorial by Mike Schafer

The Journal/Edited by George Fletcher

North American Intercity/Karl Zimmermann

Capitol Unlimited/by Jim Matthews, NARP President & CEO

Window on the World/Kevin McKinney

LeisureRail/Ted and Sylvia Blishak

Rush Hour/Kevin McKinney

Capitol Unlimited/Jim Matthews

Mail, Express, and L.C.L.

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