3rd QUARTER 2018: Grand Trunk Western’s overnight Toronto–Chicago train, the International, makes its grand entrance into Chicago on a sunny morning in August 1967. In this issue of PTJ, author Elbert Simon covers the history of GTW passenger service in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. Also, in our continuing 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of PTJ in 1968, editor Mike Schafer takes readers train-riding with him in 1968 in his “The Wabash Cannon Ball and Other Tales of Train Riding in 1968” feature. We’ll also be riding former Pennsylvania Railroad SEPTA commuter lines in Philadelphia with tour guide Stephen Ferrell. All this and more in the 2018-3 issue of Passenger Train Journal!

Current Issue

Vol. 42, No. 3 (2018-3)
Issue No. 276


CTrail Rally

by Robert A. LaMay — The State of Connecticut opens its revamped Hartford Line commuter rail corridor under the name of “CTrail”

Once Again: Ride ‘em While You Can

by Karl R. Zimmermann — A sampling of Amtrak’s new Viewliner diners—but will the company need them after all?

Passenger Trains of Grand Trunk Western

by Elbert Simon — Grand Trunk Western offered a surprising variety of passenger service in the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois until Amtrak, plus through service to Toronto and Montreal

The “Wabash Cannon Ball” and Other Tales of Train Travel in 1968

by Mike Schafer — Join the PTJ editor 50 years back as he sampled a fascinating variety of pre-Amtrak passenger trains

Tracking the Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia

by Stephen Ferrell — Trailblazer’s guide to riding SEPTA’s former PRR routes serving Philadelphia—all in one day

Expanding Passenger Rail in Michigan

by Richard Rudolph — There are several ambitious plans underway to bolster rail-travel options in the Wolverine State


On The Point/Editorial by Mike Schafer

The Journal/Edited by George Fletcher

North American Intercity/Karl Zimmermann

Capitol Unlimited/by Jim Matthews, NARP President & CEO

Window on the World/Kevin McKinney

LeisureRail/Ted and Sylvia Blishak

Rush Hour/Kevin McKinney

Capitol Unlimited/Jim Matthews

Mail, Express, and L.C.L.

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