Miami-Dade moves toward seamless fare collection

South Florida is served by a number of transit agencies that each provide distinct, yet interconnected services, and rely on separate fare collection systems. In an effort to provide a more seamless ride, Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation is working with Broward County Transit, Palm Beach Transit, and the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Tri-Rail) to develop an inter-operable fare collection system.  According to a recent announcement from Miami-Dade County, each transit agency will maintain control and manage their own respective fare policies and assure interoperability of the payment system. “Our residents and visitors should not have to worry about who manages which system and how to pay or transfer from one to the other,” said Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director of DTPW. “By joining forces and using technology, we are pushing forward a customer-focused approach to regional transportation. We want to make it simpler for people to use our transit systems and this open payment solution will help us accomplish that.”

—Passenger Train Journal

This article was posted on: March 13, 2017